We are very interested in your feedback! In this unique and
growing market, we would like the opportunity to know
how we have treated you as a customer and what services
or products you would like to see us carry
"Your replacement brake linings for my Sony TC-756 are MUCH
better than the factory brake linings. Breaking is now very smooth
and gentle."

DH Labs, Inc.
"Got the motors in today. I installed one in the RT 909, changed
the flip flop transistors, and all is perfect !!!!!

I played "Abby Road" from the 1/2 speed master LP. This is on
Ampex 456 that I copied years ago.

The Fab Four sounds great! The harmonies on "She Came in
Through the Bathroom Window" blow me away!

God I love those guys.

Thanks for all your help.  
Stereo Doctor
Rec'd motors PM. Thanks. Best service around.
You guys are something else! This is a beautiful new part and it
appears to be an up-grade from my old clunker. I bought the Sony
TC-650 deck new in 1971 and it has a lot of miles. The new part
has a steel plate/2 pin feature which improves torque locking to
the tape reel, I like the improvements.
Received my TEAC X200R deck.

You guys are incredible! It works like a brand new machine!

Hope to get the next one to you in a few weeks, a Technics 1500
half-track this time.

Many thanks,
Jim Killavery,Owner
Jimcin Recordings
I thought I'd send you this shot of yours truly, and
the beautiful Tascam 35-2 mastering deck that you guys
did such a fantastic job of restoring to BRAND NEW

This deck now looks, works and sounds like new!   It
is somewhat of a small miracle as had I attempted to
do it myself I know it would have been a n exercise in

You guys really do provide a unique and superb service
for us analog, reel-to-reel fanatics out here!

Thank you,
Richard Sisk
Want to thank you for your help getting us out of a hole and being
so trusting. Will recommend you 100%. Excellent phone Tech

John J. ~ RT-909
Hi Guys,

FedEx just delivered the Pioneer RT-707 a few minutes ago(a day
ahead of schedule) and it arrived in good shape.  We have it
playing one of Dad's tapes now and it sounds/looks great!  You
folks did a jam-up job, and you've got two smiling, very satisfied
customers(me too).

Now I can hardly wait to get back to Meridian and see/hear what
you've done with the other two when they arrive.

Thanks again.
Our Tandberg 20A arrived in good condition. We have finished
testing it and are very happy with the results. Thank you! Hope
your business flourishes. You are filling a real need.

Prior to sending my TEAC A-4010SL to the Reel Pro Sound Guys
to be refurbished, I spent approx. $300 and left my deck with the
local "AUTHORIZED TEAC REPAIR SHOP" for 90+ days.  When I
finally got it back, I think they used brakes from a 57 Chevy on the
reel hubs. Anyway it was still a mess. The Reel Pro Sound Guys
solved all of my problems. They are quick, professional, and
really care about the customer. My A4010 looks and sounds like a
brand new one. Watch out for the local repair guys, I would bet
they don't know what The Reel Pro Sound Guys know.

Thanks again,
Mike Davis
I wanted to take the time and thank you and your team of
qualified technicians for the superb repair on my Teac X-10R. It
is greet to know someone of your caliber and experience that
still cares for your craft. Not many people today care about doing
their work much less doing a great job. Thanks Phil.....
Keep up the great work!

Received my Tascam MSR-24S this weekend. Amazing work - I
am very pleased and would like to submit a testimonial to your

I appreciate your work and am very grateful to you and your crew
for saving this deck.

Walter Franklin
Media Transfer Service is a professional analog to digital media
conversion service based in Rochester, NY. We sourced the help
of Reel Pro Sound Guys to suggest the proper equipment to buy
and then have them refurbish, for our reel-to-reel audio
equipment upgrade. Working with the folks at Reel Pro Sound
Guys has been fantastic. Both their knowledge base and support
before and after their refurbish service has been fantastic. I
recommend them to anyone looking to have a trustworthy,
professional service work on your reel to reel audio deck.

John Schroth
Media Transfer Service
Hi Folks,

We are now beginning to rack mount the TASCAM 58 with your
ears.  We think they are really well made and the hardware
supplied is superb.

The parts are great, the service is great!  You people are great!

Happy Holidays!

Best regards,

Aucourant Records
Aucourant Music Publishing
Hello Phillip,
Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Tascam
22-4. It's just like brand new.

I'm glad to find some one I can trust with my equipment. You were
just the best to deal with. The recording industry needs people
like you and your business. I'm glad I got a chance to speak with
you on the phone. You were so easy to talk to. It was a real
pleasure doing business with you. I will sure tell my associates
about you. Thanks so much for all your kind attention.

I'll see you in the music,
Paul Prospero
Mystery Musicworx
What a find!

This picture was sent to us from a
customer that found this brand new, still
in the box, mint condition TEAC X-1000R
at an estate sale.

It gets better.

It also came complete with the reels and
very very rare dust cover!

Ahhh......if  we could all be this lucky.
Super deal.  All your attention to repairs and restorations is why I
keep coming back and will always only recommend your repair
shop to anyone needing 8 Track or Reel to Reel repairs.  I
continue to be convinced you are the best in the business with
both customer service and repair knowledge of a vast number of
different units.  What more can I say except thanks again and tell
all the crew that they are the best.

Larry Eymann
Hello Phillip,
I am the fellow you just walked through the job of lubing a
Tascam 3030 pinch rollers.

You are soooooooooooooooooooo patient.

Yes, we do all kinds of video or audio tape transfers including 8
mm and 16 mm film. We can even transfer wire recordings! All of
our equipment and engineers are first class people.

We are entering the firm’s 44th year. The original name of the
company is Matson Multi Media and Audio Specialties, Inc. The
founder, Jim Matson, was the chief audio engineer for 1200 AM –
WOAI…the original station that became home plate for the
founding of Clear Channel Communications of San Antonio.
1200 is a clear channel radio station and can be heard coast to
coast at night (it’s 50,000 watts).

I bought the company from him 10 years ago.

Jim Berg, President
403 E. Ramsey #101
San Antonio, TX 78216
210-340-5710 fax
Super deal.  All your attention to repairs and restorations is why I
keep coming back and will always only recommend your repair
shop to anyone needing 8 Track or Reel to Reel repairs.  I
continue to be convinced you are the best in the business with
both customer service and repair knowledge of a vast number of
different units.  What more can I say except thanks again and tell
all the crew that they are the best.

Larry Eymann
Hi Guys, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the
wonderful job you did restoring my Pioneer. It’s amazing how you
brought it back to its original condition. I spend more time
listening and taping with that machine than i do anything else.
I feel like a kid again. You guys truly work magic. I’ve given your
name and number out on numerous occasions. Keep up the
fantastic work.

Thanks again. Pat Horton.
Love Ya, Guys!

Last Saturday evening we hosted a dinner party in our home,
and I used my renovated TEAC RtR for the music.  It was so
neat to see those reels turning, the needles pulsing and to
hear  the auto-reverse mechanism click in.  The sound quality
was fine, too!

The TEAC was a hit with the younger folks who had only heard
of RtR decks.

THanx for your great service. Cheers…

Senior Fellow
L3 Communications Systems West
640 N. 2200 W.  Box 16850
Salt Lake City, UT 84116-0850
It has been more than two months since you guys refurbished
my Pioneer RT909 open reel deck.

Since then I have used it extensively making sure that every
feature work as you promised.  I even occasionally placed it on a
timer and tested the  functions.

Despite my rigorous testing, you are probably not surprised to
know  that the deck you refurbished for me is working like new.

Thanks for your superb workmanship and attention to details in
refurbishing my tape deck.

I thought I would never find this kind of high quality workmanship
for my deck.

Edward L. Mentee

PS:  I wish you guys were living in my city!!!  Why don't you move? :
Wow looks just like it came out of the box when I bought it 36
years ago. This machine means a lot to me. This is what kept my
sanity being stationed so far away ( Germany). In my wildest
dream did I ever think I could find a real professional like your
company to bring it back to life. The unit came out perfectly. Your
company are true experts. I could not have asked for more. I was
amazed when I opened the box and looked at the unit, nice and
clean. The real surprise was once I hooked it up. My god it
sounds like it did when I first bought it and turned it on. Wow
incredible sounds, unit worked perfectly like you stated in our
phone conversation. You paid special details to perfection. I am
very satisfied and the amount charged was excellent cause your
service is the best.  The memories this machine brings to me.
Thank you for bringing my teenage years back.

Again thank you very much. Mr Fulvio Ortega
Hi Phil and guys!

Had to send a note that have been running my TEAC X1000R
for quite a few hours now -- and it works better than new!

Pulled out some tapes have worried about for years and now
can recover them like it was yesterday (if you know what I
mean).  (Dang, but one can get attached to some of those
great recordings!)

You did a really great, thorough, professional job! (I know,
I'm an Electronics Engineer.)

Let me know if there's any way I can help spread the good
news about your skills.

Sure, one can now slap an MP3 on a usb-drive or mp3-player
-- but tape is a whole different world of interacting with
one's favorite music -- as you know.  The connection to the
medium and the music -- all at high quality -- proves that
American (and Japanese -- to be fair) engineering and
in this area is unsurpassed.  Hooray for Ampex, Revox, Sony
and TEAC/TASCAM and all!

Thanks guys,

/Denis from Littleton, CO
Hello my name is Crystal Class and I ordered a wire from you
guys a few days ago. I wanted to drop you a note to say thank
you. The customer service I experienced with your company was
outstanding and I will tell everyone I know who is in the music
business to use your company for everything they need. Thanks
again for all your help.

Crystal Class

  I just received the new side panels
for my Teac A-2340R tape deck. I have
installed them (photo attached); they fit
perfectly and look beautiful! The photos
of these panels you had sent previously
did not do the color of the wood justice.
They are exactly as I had hoped for with
a natural finish. Also, your packaging
was great. THANKS!

Gary Helgesen
Phil, thanks so much for the meticulous restoration of my X2000!  
Wonderful job!  I can't believe that I was contemplating e-wasting
this machine...it sounds fantastic!  I dubbed a recording recently
made of a string ensemble with my Alesis masterlink, premium
mic pre's and an avantone CK40 (LDC stereo mic)...the original
recording is pristine and absolutely nothing is lost in the
transition to 1/4 track ATR tape!

Thanks again for your great work.  I have not yet decided whether
to have you restore my BR-20, however I am leaning in that
direction.  I'll let you know...


Kevin Bateman
Phil, Wanted to send you a note to tell that I am very pleased with
the work your team did on my Akai GX-747. It was received in
great shape and was up and running in short order. The CD was
terrific and quite informative. I really appreciated the indepth view
of what is actually done in a refurbishment and all it intails. And
yes, it looks like new! and runs like new!

Feel free to use any of my words when you advertise as I will
gladly vouch for the work done by your team of experts. You
know, many times when consumers are looking for a repair
shop the conversations more often than not make all the
difference in making the decision of whereto go. I certainly
appreciated the contact keeping me informed of the progress. It
really comes down to the personal contact that will bring me
back when ever work is required. It seems like a long way to
ship something for repairs to Montana but when you consider
how many repair shops can actually do the job right the first time
then Montana is just around the corner. And I would recommend
the Reel Pro Sound Guys any day of the week. When you want it
done right the first time you guys get top billing. In my contact
with other audiophiles your shop gets the best words for repairs
and refurbishing.

Again, thanks for a terrific job. If I ever get back to Montana again
I will stop by to shake the hands of the experts!

Rich Moyle
Thank you so much for taking the time to provide this valuable
information.  I contacted Russell Industries, and, as you
suggested, they were able to quickly get me the parts, and I'm up
and running again.  The degree of business courtesy you have
shown is not often found nowdays.  I'll be considering complete
re-builds in the future, and I assure you that you are at the top of
my list to do this work!  Thanks again!

Marv Allen
Studio B Productions
1365 N. Van Ness
Fresno, CA 93728-1937
559 268-4010
Several months ago I received my Akai deck from you after a
complete rebuild.  It has performed superbly ever since and
has played many pre-recorded tapes with great sound.  

Just today I completed a recording of several CD's on a new
ATR tape on a 10 1/2 inch reel.  All I can say is WOW!  The
recording is superb, the machine performed flawlessly and I
am completely satisfied with the results.  In some ways the
recording sounds better than the original.  

I would like to, finally, thank you for your superb workmanship
on my deck and am so happy to see a machine that was
non-working now a major part of my home entertainment

Again, thank you.

Dave Gaulrapp
Clinton, Iowa

I tried to send you an email last night, but I think I clicked on the
wrong link.  I just wanted to tell you that I received on Friday the
Sony TC-280 deck that you refurbished for me, and it is
fabulous!  It surely works and looks like new, and I couldn't be
more pleased.  The fact that you have assembled the expertise
to do such repairs, and sources for the needed replacement
parts is quite marvelous.  Keep up the good work!

Many thanks for your fine work,  Don Hagey